7 Tips To Get Your Car Properly Clean

7 Tips To Get Your Car Properly Clean

Every one of us wants a clean & sparkling car. And for a neat & clean car, you are required to wash it frequently. Why? As it helps in obviating the minor wear & tear from becoming noticeable, maintains the value of a car, and keeps your car looking better for a longer period as well. What you just need to do is use an appropriate technique & the correct tools. So, here is the following some of the do’s & don’ts for how to get your car properly clean. below –

7 Tips To Get Your Car Properly Clean

Tip.1: Use of appropriate Tools

If you want to make your car look its best, it’s necessary to have the correct cleaning tools. The cleaning tools include a car wash mitt and/or soft sponge, a hose with a variable nozzle, a wheel brush, a little amount of car washing liquid, and one large microfiber towel for drying, and few micro-fiber cloths. Along with that, you need a vacuum cleaner for the car’s interior, wheel cleaner, rubber gloves, window cleaner, and paper towels. These are all the useful tools to have on hand.

On the other hand, always remember to try not to use dishwashing liquid, hand soap, or any kind of other stuff than car wash detergent to clean the exterior of the car. As car wash products are particularly designed to give ample lubrication to obviate dislodged grit from scratching the paint of your car, and they are very gentle so they do not eliminate existing wax.

At last, you will need just 2 buckets. This is a very important part. Use 1 bucket for your cleaning with the foamy water, and 2nd for rinsing out the grimy sponge properly. Once the sponge is rinsed thoroughly, dip it again into the soapy water & continue. Doing this can help you in removing all the dirt & dust particles from the car.

Tip. 2: don’t ignore the weather

Most of people wash their cars on a warm, sunny day but in reality, they are making a common mistake. As cleaning the car when it’s sunny & warm outside will tend to dry very fast. That means you are more likely to end up with spots on your car and its windows. So, it is better to wash the car on a cloudy day to ensure that it does not dry up quickly.

Moreover, you can also park your car on any big room where you can easily open your doors as it will be very helpful for you to clean the car properly.

Tip. 3: Cleaning the wheels

So as you have gathered all the perfect cleaning pieces of equipment & found the appropriate location to wash your car, now, it is the time to get back to work. It is recommended to start the cleaning process by washing your wheels. As rubber tyres, wheel wells, and hubcaps collect all the types of pesty gunk that you do not want anywhere around or near your car paint.

While most of the wheels will only need soapy water & a proper amount of scrubbing, if it has been a while since you’ve thoroughly cleaned your wheels, it might be a great idea to invest in a dedicated tyre or wheel cleaning product. The safest choice that you can go with is a Non-corrosive & Water-based wheel cleaners that are very suitable for all sorts of wheels. Further, do not forget to scrub the outside tires and wash around the wheel nuts as well.

You can also take service from the professional dry cleaners like Colors Dry Cleaners for the proper cleaning of your car.

Tip. 4: Cleaning the exterior

Great, as your wheels are clean & shiny, now it is the perfect time to clean the rest of the car. But prior you begin scrubbing, ensure that you hose off the whole vehicle to eliminate any debris or loose the dirt that might otherwise scratch the surface of the car. It is especially necessary to clean off various dead insects, bird droppings, and tree sap, as all these can be very harmful & bad to your vehicle’s paint.

Once the vehicle has been properly rinsed with the hose, wash it thoroughly by sections, moving systematically from top to bottom in the order as follows:

  1. roof,
  2. the window supports & windows,
  3. the top of the bonnet and
  4. upper panels, followed by the middle of the doors & the boot, the front bumper, the lower part of the doors, lower panels, and at last the back bumper.

Don’t forget to use separate buckets for cleaning as you do this, and also rinse your micro-fiber cloth frequently to wipe the dirt.

When you give your car a final rinse, it’s excellent to use a hose without the nozzle, by which the water flows gently down over the entire car in a sheeting action. By doing this, there will be fewer spots left on the vehicle. Water spots are bleary mineral deposits left when water evaporates, so drying the car thoroughly is just as necessary as washing it appropriately.

For a scratch-free drying, use a large microfiber towel; you can use a silicone ‘paint-safe’ squeegee to eliminate most of the initial moisture as well. Micro-fiber towels are very good as they are very absorbent than cloth towels, and they dry very quickly.

Once your car is properly dry, you can renew the shine of your existing wax with any spray wax products.

Tip. 5: Cleaning the windows & glass

Not only are clean windows, mirrors, and windscreens aesthetically pleasing, they are also significant for your safety. It is very tough to be a safe driver if you’ve to glimpse to see out of your windscreen & your rear-view mirror is full of bemires. There are some of the necessary things to remember when cleaning your glass & windows.

At first, standard glass & tinted glass are required to be cleaned in varied ways. Cleaning of untinted glass is fairly straight forward. A combination of paper towels & a trusty glass cleaner should get the job done. As always, don’t forget to spray the glass cleaner directly onto the paper towel, instead of onto the surface of the glass. By doing this, you will avoid the dripping down of spray & damaging other surfaces.

On the other hand, untinted glass needs soft micro-fiber cloth & soapy water to avoid damaging the film.

At last, be careful not to damage or knock electrical connectors as you are cleaning things like side mirrors.

Tip. 6: Cleaning the interior

It is all well & good to have a clean exterior, but if the car’s interior is untidy, your car is not probably going to be much fun to drive. Just like that, cleaning the interior is an important part of car cleaning. Firstly, eliminate any rubbish from your car, while also eliminating any loose, personal items to make sure they are not sucked up while the vacuuming part.

Next step is vacuuming – try to get into every cranny & niche, especially underneath the seats. Following that, it is time to take an electrostatic cloth & clearing all of the hard surfaces of crumbs, dust, and other debris. The electrostatic cloth is also an outstanding tool for cleaning air vents & other hard reaching areas. At last, if you want to clean very thoroughly, grab a little brush, soapy water, and clean your pedals, don’t forget to place a towel down first so that your carpet does not get damp.

Tip. 7: Keeping your car clean

So now that your vehicle is clean & sparkling, you are required to keep it that way. While it’s impossible that your car will not get dirty again, there are some pre-emptive actions you can take to make sure your car remains clean for a long period. Firstly, it is extremely important to consider where you park your car. If possible, do not park the car under trees, or anywhere that birds are likely to gather, as bird droppings can be time-consuming & tough to remove.

When it comes to keeping clean the car’s interior, common sense is key. This is but obvious, avoid drinks & messy food, and make sure to eliminate loose debris if any from your shoes before getting behind the wheels.

Last but not the least, the most significant advice on how to make your car clean is: wash your car more often than you do now. Try to wash it once in a week and this isn’t too much at all, particularly if you drive in such an area where your vehicle gets dirty very fast. Always remember that the dirtier your vehicle gets tough it’ll be to clean it next time!

However, if this all sounds like a very tough job or too much work for you, you can contact Colors Dry Cleaners, Jaipur. As they provide an awesome car cleaning service in a very affordable range.