What kind of chemicals do sofa cleaning services ?

Chemicals Sofa Cleaning Services

Colors Drycleaners are giving best  sofa cleaning services . They are basically famous for sofa dry cleaning. Sofa or couches are the items which are unable to at home. So, we need dry sofa cleaning services Dry cleaning  is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles utilizing a kinf of dissolvable other than water. The modern dry cleaning process was created and measured by Thomas L. Jennings.

sofa cleaning services

Dry Cleaning actually includes liquid however is so named on the grounds that the term ‘wet’ is explicit to water; garments are rather absorbed a sans water fluid dissolvable, tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), referred to in the business as “perc”, which is the most broadly utilized dissolvable. Elective solvents are 1-bromopropane and oil spirits.

Most natural fibres can be washed in water but some synthesis fabricated materials (e.g., thick, lyocell, modular, and cupro) respond poorly with water and should be dry-cleaned.


Why we need chemicals for sofa cleaning services?

Living room is the essential part of each home and office which is generally involved by our beautiful couches which is regularly utilized in our lounge room. Couch or sofa  is an important resource of our home. But,  it may contains some Invisible dust particles, stains, bugs, termites and food pieces makes our couches filthy and wellbeing gambling resource. Henceforth it is essential to get our couches cleaned on customary spans for a residue free and tidy up lounge.

Regardless of whether it looks clean, it amasses dust and imperceptible particles. Consequently our lounge need additional consideration which we probably won’t take note. We Colors drycleaners gives Best sofa cleaning Services . Your couch should be spotless to pull in your visitor, customers.

Sofa’s and couches takes a lot of time in cleaning and wetting. Colors drycleaners are best sofa cleaning services.

We need chemicals in washing sofa’s because sofa’s fabric made up of leather, foam etc.

Uniwax is a cleaning compound is delicately cleans and relax all textures of sofa’s and couches . It is free from all side effects and fulfills the customers demand. Additionally, it is a natural  easy to use foaming cleaner cum brightener. It formulate without soda that ptevent shrinking and fading of materials. What’s more, keep fabric delicate, light and fluffy.


Tip on, How to maintain your upholstered sofas ?


Step 1 – Extraction of Loose Dust from upholstered sofas

Step 2 – Application of Foam and Scrubbing it out

Step 3 – Extraction of Moisture


One time Service

Duration – Approx. 20 minutes per seat

Terms & Conditions

For best result : Drying time of 3-4 hours after service

We do not guarantee removal of old stains / hard stains, however, we will try to remove it to the best of our ability without damaging the surface

Suede / Velvet & Silk material shall only be Dry Vacuumed.

Upholstery cleaning services by colors drycleaners, they use professional chemicals for  cleaning items and most recent cleaning innovation to convey great cleaning results, without harming the sofa and won’t give up synthetic buildups after the upholstery cleaning treatment. They are providing best sofa cleaning services. An upholstery set is a important furniture piece that is normally found in any home, office, lodging, eatery, boats and any sort of homes, just couch, yet additionally as important beautiful furnishings.

Here at colors Drycleaners we ensure that we make a nitty gritty check of your outfitting before we continue. When we are explicit about the furnishings, we will suggest the best arrangement and the sort of sofa cleaning services we ought to give and cautiously and totally clean your sofa to eliminate the stains.

Here are some steps

  1. Sofa Inspection

Colors DryCleaners shows up at the client house. They will see how much dirt particles and spots on the sofa’s, and check the color and texture of the sofa. At that point they chooses which synthetic chemical hardware, and choose method for the cleaning dependent on the texture of the upholstery. At that point they ought to choose to utilize typical shampooing spout or profound cleaning spout with a significant level of cleanser, water pressing factor, and additional brushing.

  1. Pre-Cleaning

Colors drycleaners will eliminate all residue and soil and other dirt particles which show up on the outside of the sofa by Vacuum Cleaning. We utilize an uncommon instruments to eliminate build up or pet hair which the vacuum cleaner can’t eliminate. In the event that there are any spots or stains, we utilize unique substance experts to eliminate those prior to doing cleaning.

  1. Couch Shampooing

Colors drycleaners utilize just expert cleanser liquids which manages all the texture without changing the shading and keeping up the material. The cleaner applies the cleanser and water on the couch. This is deliberately worked onto the couch and permitted to infiltrate the fiber and eliminate any oil or oil connected to it. At that point our expert machine will take out the blend alongside earth, cleaning the deep level of sofa.

  1. Upholstery Brush

We brush on all surface physically with an upholstery cleaner brush. At the end of the process, all the soil and stains will be taken out from the material. We guarantee our work and give extra ordinary sofa cleaning services as compare to other dry cleamers.  Likewise, we are not cleaning just where the dirt particles are available however we deal with entire sofa.

Why we should avoid direct sunlight on sofas ?

Unfortunately, sun and leather don’t usually mix well. An excessive amount of sunlight will do one of two things (and possibly both) to leather furniture and other upholstery–fading and drying.

Fading is generally found in semi-aniline and aniline leathers, however is somewhat more extraordinary in completely completed leather that have a defensive top coat. It’s quite possibly the most well-known issues we see, and in the event that you put leather furniture close to a window that gets some genuine daylight, you can begin to see fading within 6-8 months and it looks old and faded and broken from the sheet.

Drying, then again, is something the sun will do to practically any sort of leather. The warmth of daylight makes the dampness in the calfskin’s normal oils gradually vanish, and ultimately, it will dry, harden and break.

Sunlight makes all the fabrics dull. So, avoid sunlight for drying of sofas. So, Colors drycleaners gives best sofa cleaning services .

Colored textures, especially those colored in brilliant tones, are generally getting faded.

Upholstery sofas are not meant for sunlight. Sunlight may bring about the texture to dullness and faded. . Consistent openness to the immediate beams of the sun can separate the texture filaments, making them becoming dull.


How we manage sofa freshness for longer ? 

Vaccume  your furniture with a hand-held connection. Turn over the pads and vacuum under. This eliminates pet hair, food scraps and other waste that could be making unpleasant smells. Vacuum your sofas and seats about once every week to keep them new.

Freshen up your furniture outside or open the windows. In the event that your furniture or sofa has been away and smells somewhat smelly or it has been presented present moment to tobacco smoke, basically allowing it to ventilate can go far.

Sprinkle baking soda  over your furnishings and let it sit for atleast 30 minutes or overnight for heavy odours. At that point vacuum it up, taking waiting odours with it.

Fog your furniture lightly with white vinegar in a spray bottle and let it air dry. You will smell the vinegar as you shower it on however it will dry scentless. Try not to utilize standard air or texture cleansers. They just cover the smell, which usually results in combination of the air freshner scent and the original bad odour.

Things You Will Need

Water-based or dissolvable based cleaner (discretionary)

Vacuum with hand held attachment.

Baking soda

White vinegar


Utilize dissolvable based cleaning items in an all around ventilated zone. Continuously test cleaning items on a shrouded territory of your furniture to guarantee it won’t harm the texture prior to continuing.


How many times should be clean the sofa in a year ?

It starts with, recollect that there’s a major distinction between normal vacuuming or spot cleaning and profound furniture cleaning.

Surface cleaning as a feature of your routine can eliminate some residue and destructive particles. It can likewise help protect your furniture by diminishing surface soil that can wear out your upholstery strands over the long run. Spot cleaning can likewise lessen noticeable stains as they happen.

In any case, there is frequently substantially more than meets the eye. Indeed, the greatest danger is the thing that you can’t see—where it counts microbes and Allergens that can’t be killed without proficient cleaning gear.

To keep a solid home, your furniture ought to be expertly cleaned a few times per year. In the event that there are creatures or kids in the home, you should clean your upholstery each 3-4 months.