15 Laundry Mistakes You Are Doing on Regular Basis

15 Laundry Mistakes You Are Doing on Regular Basis

If you really care for your clothes then you should avoid making these 15 laundry mistakes.

Your favorite clothes can stay longer with you if you start making changes in your laundry routine. You have no idea how much harmful your stereotype method of doing laundry is for your favorite clothes.

Every individual want their clothes have a good life so they can wear it as long as they want. However, most of the times those clothes doesn’t stay as long as you want. What could be the reason behind that?

Are you avoiding some washing instructions?

Is your detergent is not suiting to the material of cloth?

There are some myths which people are following for laundering their clothes and they end up losing the shine and life of their clothes.


1.Don’t wash dark and light cloths together

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Avoid washing dark and white clothes together. In this way you’re harming both the clothes, their color can fade out, and their finishing will vanish. So it would be better that you sort out them in separate laundry buckets.

2.Don’t Pour Detergent onto clothes

The Process which you are using for laundry could easily harm your clothes. People pour detergent onto clothes then add water into it which is totally wrong. If you’re doing same stop doing that. Instead add water first then pour detergent into it.

3. Avoid using Dryer.

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Majority of people uses washing machine dryer to dry their clothes. However, they’re not aware with the fact that it affects their clothes. Drying clothes excessively using dryer results in losing the brightness & finishing of clothes also if affects the life of clothes. Rather than using dryer much choose natural way of drying the clothes which is of course sun light.

We don’t realize but sometimes dryer seems too harsh for clothes.

4. Don’t forget to clean the equipment

Generally, people don’t keep an eye on their equipment’s which they use in laundry. Most of the times, they are not clean and become a reason for leaving Stains on clothes. After a certain number of uses even equipment and machine ask for cleaning. Ignoring that can show affect on clothes. Cleaning kits are available in market; users can buy and clean it well for future use.

5. Never Ignore Washing Instructions

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Everyone out there wants to get free from laundry as soon as possible. And in rush they forget to go through the washing instructions. Every cloth has different material and different material needs different treatment. Like some material have labels of “dry clean only” however in rush people don’t go through that and laundry those clothes. Ignoring those instructions can cause damage to your clothes.

6. Do Pick Quality Detergent

Not picking and using right detergent is another repetitive mistake which most of the people do. They don’t give importance to the quality of detergent which they use in laundry. Hence end up reducing the life of clothes. Stop picking economical detergent over quality detergent.

7. Don’t be harsh on clothes

We all worry about our clothes especially when they catch any stains. Only thing that’s comes to mind is:-

“Will this stain go away or not?”

No one wants that the stain remains there after one wash, no matter how hard that stain is. Majority of the people rub the cloth again and again so the stain goes away. But they don’t realize that scrubbing it end number of times harm the quality of the cloth only. Rather laundry it for few times and your stain on the cloth will go away.

8. Stop Pouring More Detergent

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People tend to think that pouring more detergent will bring better results. But that is completely untrue. Using more proportion of detergent in detergent leads to harm to clothes and sometimes that even leads to allergies to body.

9. Sort out different fabrics

Everyone has same the approach that Dark clothes to be washed with dark one and white one with white only. Sorting out different color clothes is good but don’t forget to sort out different material clothes too.

 10. Don’t overstuff the machine

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It quite understandable thing people don’t want to invest much time in laundry. So they try to do laundry whole clothes in one go. They try to push it and for that over stuff the machine. They fill machine incorrectly which brings not so good results. Some clothes are clean rest don’t have finishing on it. So, don’t overstuff or fill machine incorrectly.

 11. Zip up the jeans

Before putting the jeans, jacket (or basically clothes which have zips) in machine do check whether the zip is up or not. If you left the zip open it will harm the teeth of zipper and the cloth around them will loosen up. This simply would reduce the life cycle of cloth or can make the cloth of no use. Before doing laundry makes sure the zips are zipped all the way to top.

 12. Never wash all buttoned up Shirt

Washing all buttoned up shirt is a good idea however in practical it is not good. If you washed your shirt all buttoned up, the thread of buttonholes spreads unevenly. Next time unbutton the shirts first before washing.

13. Don’t over use bleach

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Overusing of bleach will not remove the stain for sure but it will harm the cloth for sure. You may not even need bleach rather you can use warm water and slices of lemon only.

14. Losing shocks in Every load

Worry about mixing the shocks with the laundy clothes?

Here is the pro tip:-

Put the shocks before clothes in the washer, in this way they won’t get attach to any other garments.

 15. Waiting for loads cycles

We all know that dryer does his job in real quick time. Still people do a long wait to put another load of laundry. Your dryer is capable of doing loads back to back, so you don’t have to worry about it. Save your time and energy.