Laundry Service In Jaipur

We, Colors Dry cleaners provide best Laundry Services in Jaipur. We know the value and understand the health of your garments, so we use quality products for washing. We do laundry with gentle care and make sure that our service leaves a visual impact. We take out the right side of your garments for best possible clean. Not just that we go through the special instruction of cleaning the garments but we do follow them thoroughly. We have a team of professional and updated techniques which ensures the best possible results.

Our Laundry Process

Clean and clear clothes boost your confidence and impression in front of others. And for us it helps us to win your trust. Our Laundry service in Jaipur, has a process which is similar to others (washing, drying and ironing clothes). However, the quality Laundry Service of ours stands out than rest of our competitors in the Jaipur. We do have Pick and Drop facility for our customers. We do take care of fact that different fabrics need different type of care.

Laundry Service Pricing

If you’ll sum up the cost of quality washing powder, you time and rest of equipments. You will get to know how affordable our laundry service is. We have kept laundry service prices quite economical.

laundry service in jaipur

Our laundry Service

You don’t have to worry about washing & drying your garments. With our hassle free pick & Drop laundry service in Jaipur, thing would be easy for you. Our Pick & drop laundry Service is be quite time efficient.

Why To Hire Us For laundry Service

You can totally trust our laundry service. We have shown incredible results to our customer.

We’ve been in laundry service for this long and our motto is remains same from starting, which is to provide satisfaction to our customer. With the positive feedback of our customer we are stepping upwards in the market.

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