Which Is Best Sofa Wooden or Fabric

Which Is Best Sofa Wooden or Fabric

Over time, the sofa set has become a necessary part of the drawing-room, the absence of which makes it seem incomplete. There are different styles of sofa that one can choose from according to their taste and space available in their drawing-room, Which Is Best Sofa Wooden or Fabric.

All About Sofa Set

A sofa is a piece of furniture which is used for sitting by two or three people. It is also known as a couch, futon, settee, or chesterfield. A sofa has armrests, cushions and may have inbuilt springs for relaxed and comfortable sitting.

A sofa set is not only found in homes but is also used in places like hotels, bars, office lobbies, and waiting rooms. There are numerous types of sofas based on function and backs which are available for purchase in the market.

Which Is Best Sofa Wooden or Fabric

Types of Sofa

The armchair, loveseat or two-seater sofa, sectional sofa, sofa beds, classic round arm sofa, retro square arm sofa, hard wedge arm sofa, rounded wedge arm sofa, the sloped arm sofa, Belgian roll arm sofa, sofa with no arms, sofa with wooden arms are some of the sofas which are available in the market based on their function.

Some sofa set on the basis of different backs available in the market is straight back, high back sofas, round back sofas, camelback sofas, wingback sofas, barrel back sofas, and rollback sofas. The other types of sofas are the ones that are differentiated according to the material used in their creation.

You can either buy a ready-made sofa or get it to build according to your requirement. Today, there are many customized sofa shops available in the market which expertise in creating the sofa as per your instructions and taste. Which Is Best Sofa Wooden or Fabric.

However, no matter which sofa you may choose, its maintenance is important. You must get it dry cleaned to add years to its life. To find the best sofa dry cleaning service, search for dry cleaners near me and you will find the best one near you. The sofa created on the basis of the material may either be a wooden sofa set or a fabric one. There are different variations in which both these sofas are present in the market.

– Fabric Sofa

When going for a fabric sofa, you must know that their prices depend largely on the fabric used. Different fabrics used in fabric sofa set are natural fibres, synthetic, and leather. Natural fibres include plant-based fabrics created out of cotton, linen, silk, and rayon.


Among these cotton, linen, and wool are considered as the most durable natural sofa fibres. However, these must be protected from direct sunlight and moisture as they may get damaged when exposed to them. You must avail the best sofa dry cleaning service to protect your furniture from harm.


Synthetic fibres are created using petrol and therefore may be considered as a petroleum product. These fibres are created by extruding chemical in fine strands which makes it easy to weave it into a fabric. To make these durable, they are blended with natural fibres. This also helps in making them stain resistant and reduces early fading.


There are microfiber fabrics which are made up of polyester and are known for being durable. If you have a pet in your house then you may opt for these as they resist claw marks and staining. They are either densely woven or nonwoven with a short nap which usually gives the feeling of suede.

Leather is not a fabric; it is a processed animal hide which is considered as a luxury covering for sofas. The highest quality of the leather is top-grain while split-grain and suede leathers are thinner. To maintain the fabric sofa for a long time, you must get the sofa dry cleaned by finding sofa dry cleaners near you.

There are many sofa dry cleaners in Jaipur but we offer the best dry-cleaning service at reasonable rates. We, at colors dry cleaners use high-quality solvents and make sure that your expensive and precious piece of furniture retains its originality. Our team of professionals are experienced and know how to take care of your sofa in the best possible way.

Cotton, Synthetic, and blends are the best options if you are looking for a budget-friendly fabric sofa. If you active children or you are a pet owner then you may opt for fabrics made from denim or microfiber. However, if you are looking for investing in a sofa then you will definitely appreciate traditional fibres such as silk, wool, and linen and leather coverings.


– Wooden Sofa

A wooden sofa set is special, they give your living room a traditional and classic look. This type of sofa is seen in many Indian households giving it a timeless appeal and showering it with a vintage charm. These types of sofas are strong and durable and can last for decades when kept with care. You may even pass them from one generation to another such is their life.

Wooden sofas require little maintenance and care to keep them safe and looking elegant. Taking proper care can increase their life years and continue adding charm to your home. To maintain a wooden sofa, there is something you need to protect it from, these are as follows.

To keep your sofa safe, make sure that you properly clean the sofa’s armrests after putting your teacups on it. Remove the tea stains and watermarks from the sofa, try using coasters each time to protect your sofa from these. A wooden sofa must be protected from heat as it harms the sofa. Avoid places hot cups and plates on the sofa as it can discolor the wooden surface and leave heat marks.

Dust your wooden furniture daily so that the dust doesn’t get accumulated. Scrubbing off the dirt later may lead to severe scratches and damage your expensive piece of pure grace. If it needs proper cleaning then use a mild cleaning solution with little water. Overusing of water can make the wood to rot so make sure you don’t leave it wet.

Wooden furniture tends to lose its shine over a period of time. While direct sunlight can damage its appearance and color, the rainy season has a different effect on it altogether. Protect it from direct sunlight and get it painted with a protecting shield. Contact the best sofa dry cleaning service and get it cleaned from time to time.

Don’t move your sofa around unnecessarily as it may lead to scratches and leave marks on the sofa spoiling its intricate designs. Don’t use sharp objects around the furniture as it can harm your furniture and damage them in ways that might not be corrected.

Over time, wood tends to lose its shine and is prone to wear and tear. Wooden polish may be used to keep it protected and intact for a longer period of time. These polishes are easily available in the market and can be done at reasonable rates. You may search for dry cleaners near me and call the best dry cleaners to suggest the requirement and do the needful.


Wood has its own smell, if you store it in a closed room then it can lead to an unpleasant odor. Using little baking soda may help you get rid of that odor or you may leave it in open for some time and the smell will fade away. It will again leave your sofa smelling fresh and inviting like before.


Wooden furniture needs to be polished from time to time. You may use a little wood oil or wax to give it a proper finishing look from time to time. Taking care of wooden furniture is not at all hard and time-consuming considering its durability period.


Which Is Best Sofa Wooden or Fabric?

Selecting a sofa is all about your personal choice when it comes to comfort and appearance. No matter which sofa you choose, you will be required to take care of them to make them last longer. If you are willing to give your room an elegant look then you must select the wooden sofa. However, if you wish to give your room a modern look, then you may choose a fabric sofa.


The other factor that you are required to consider is the price of the sofa. Here, it all depends on the budget that you have. If you have a high budget then you may select expensive stylish furniture which is durable.


You need to get your furniture dry cleaned from time to time to keep them looking fresh and new. We are the best sofa dry cleaners in Jaipur and provide the best services taking utmost care of your furniture. You may contact colors dry cleaners and we will reach you on time to help you clean and take care of your sofa.


No matter whether you own a wooden or fabric sofa, our team will take care of it in the best way. So, what are you waiting for? Increase the life of your sofa by getting it regularly dry-cleaned.